Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Welcome to Delaware." Now Suck It.

Every time I drive through Delaware on I-95, I sit in no less than 1 full hour of traffic. Now, if you're from Texas or really any other state save Rhode Island for that matter, 1 hour of traffic will seem laughable to you. But consider this: the entire length of Delaware's I-95 segment into NJ is just 11 miles long. And yet every single #$%^&*@ time I drive there, no matter what hour of the day, there is constant traffic gridlock. And it can't be blamed on traffic alone, because it always immediately speeds up again the moment you hit Maryland's or New Jersey's border.

So here are a few questions for the good people who conceive of, build, and manage our interstate system:

1. Aren't there minimum standards a road has to meet in order to achieve Interstate status?

2. Can a two-lane dual carriageway really credibly be called an interstate, even if it does lead to a really big and modern bridge?

3. For how many years can a state have construction on one 11-mile stretch of road and yet never seem to complete it?

4. Can a road's Interstate status be revoked until it gets its sh*t in order? Can't we give it one of those "black and white shield" route markers instead of the red, white and blue I-95 ones?

5. How can an interstate authority credibly post signs saying, "Expect major delays" without offering alternative routes or any other options? It just has the sign, "Expect Major Delays. Chumps!"

6. Is it too much to even ask for an "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here"?

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Joe Tornatore said...

nj is no open road to the wild blue yonder either.