Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yes, We Have No Real Posts Today

Why? I'm having a George Costanza kind of day. Apparently didn't close the fridge door all the way last night, so the entire top shelf of food was hot from the fridge light. Had to throw it all away. Trash men came. Bag ripped open in street. Trash men drove away without a care. Warm milk, ricotta cheese, baby yogurt and cheese all became HOT milk, ricotta cheese, baby yogurt and cheese in the street in front of my house. Had to get The Bambina up and out today, so couldn't clean it up first thing in the AM before the fahrenheit became far-out-heat, 101 to be precise, so finally got out there with a trash bag at nap time. There is nothing in the world like hot, bloated packages of dairy products, covered in flies and ants, in the sunshine, in 100 degrees, in front of your house. It was like a freakin episode of CSI:DC. In addition, I clogged up my toilet this AM too. I don't know what happened; nothing of any great import occurred (if you know what I'm saying), I hadn't eaten a bunch of onion rings and pumpernickel bread with Belgian beer or anything (if you know what I'm saying), so why the toilet jammed up on me, I just don't know. Maybe just to serve as the appetizer to the bloated dairy entree I was about to enjoy; who knows.

Which is why the Haggis is lame today. The time I would have taken to write something somewhat interesting rather than just making linky-linky was spent in the food morgue that is my front sidewalk, and in the loo takin' care of the "business" with a plunger. Thank god I had previously cancelled an afternoon client meeting or I'd have been arriving on site smelling faintly of sour cream, fleas and poop, and that's just bad for business.

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