Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mayor Bambina

On days when I'm home with her, Bambina and I go through the mail, looking through catalogs, ripping up junk mail and putting in the recycling, stacking bills for later. Like the little old soul she is, she LOVES getting the mail. Our mailman ("mem-men"), Mr. Tim, is second only to The Wiggles in rock star status. When she sees him she yells, "Mem-men! Tim! Mem-men!" Every letter carrier truck in any part of the city elicits the same: "Mem-men! Tim! Mem-men!" The only thing she likes more than the mailman is the mail itself.

Yesterday we looked through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. Not because we are insane enough to buy anything from it (not having won the lottery yet), but because it's a good place to get ideas that we can then purchase at Target. And also because they often have pictures of dogs with the kids, which makes her giddy with excitement. This issue had Halloween costumes for sale (only $89!! As If), where Bambina decided that she wants to be a puppy for Halloween. So now I'm looking for a cute (and NOT $89 puppy costume). We also perused the two pamphlets for Mayor, from Adrian Fenty and Linda Cropp (as previously discussed a couple of posts down). I said, "So who should mama vote for mayor?" She immediately pointed to herself and said gleefully, "MAYOR!!" I said, "Are you going to be Mayor?" "Me! Me! Mayor!" I asked her if puppies could be Mayor, and she looked at me like I had just asked the stupidest question of all time. OF COURSE puppies could be mayor. They'd make the Best Mayors Ever. So her refrain for the latter part of the day was, "Woof woof! Mayor!"

So there you have it folks. DC's first Chinese-Jewish-American-Puppy-Toddler Mayor. All we need now is a lawn sign and some write-in votes, and we've got this thing locked up.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm sure she would do a much better job than some previous holders of the position. She's older now than some of them acted.

Anonymous said...

Yup. She's got my vote.