Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ode To Bruno

The Wagon Wheel Coffee Table

I just read that the actor Bruno Kirby died yesterday from leukemia. Bruno was a key part of my later adolescence, as Billy Crystal's friend in When Harry Met Sally (see above) and as a semi-regular for a time on Letterman where he would break a window or sneak up on Dave in the stereotypical TV cop way and announce, "I'm not just a cop. I'm a cop on the edge!"

He was the sidekick in almost every movie he made, and he made sidekickery look good. Thanks for the good times, Bruno.

My favorite (paraphrased) lines from City Slickers:
Woman: I just don't get it why baseball is so important. I mean why do you guys have to remember every little fact, like who... played 3rd base... for the 1961 Pittsburgh Pirates?
Guy: Don Hoak...
Woman: See, that's what I mean. It's crazy!
Bruno: So what do you and your girlfriends talk about when you're together?
Woman: We talk about friends, relationships...you know, things that matter.
Bruno: Then it's no contest, we win!
Woman: How can you say that?
Bruno: 'Cause if yours was more important, they'd have trading cards for it.

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