Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Purple Nurple

So, how is YOUR morning going?!

Mine started like this:

Me getting into the shower. Bambina pointing at my chest and saying, "boo boo." I bent down, she purple nurpled me, and I said, "ouch!" She said self-satisfied, "Boo boo."

I had to explain (notwithstanding accusations in my earlier days that I was indeed toting around "mosquito bites") that I did not say "ouch" because I have boo boos but because those are nipples, which should not be twisted mercilessly for any reason. (Advice that has implications for men as well as children...).

The good news is that she knows not to twist people's nipples. The bad news is that she is now thrilled to have a new word to insert into her singing (to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star): "Nip-ple, nip-ple, nipplenipple! nip-ple, nip-ple, nipplenipple!"

Just in time for visiting Grandma.

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