Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Get Ready To Wiggle

Next week. Bambina and The Mamele. We've already made two signs to bring with us. One that says "HI WIGGLES!" and another for Bambina's very favorite Wiggle Murray, once again proving the theory that chicks always dig the guitarist most. Murray has a bright red guitar which he shreds on such hits as "Play Your Guitar With Murray," "Starry Sky," and "Thumbkin."

I always swore I'd never do this, that I'd never pay actual l'argent for anything Wiggle-related that was more sophisticated/marketed than a DVD or CD. That meant no lunch boxes, no pillowcase and sheet sets, no action figures. But the truth is that *I* kind of want to see The Wiggles live. I've paid my dues, man. Almost two whole years of "hot potato" and "where's Jeff?" Never hearing NPR in the car when I'm driving with Bambina. Always hearing Wiggles. Showing her how to use a little junky laptop and her wanting immediately to see Wiggles. Knowing more about Jeff Fatt and Murray Cook than I know about some of my own cousins. I've paid my dues, man. I DESERVE this payoff. That payoff being having her mind officially blown by being in the same arena (or as she calls it "the big room") with The Wiggles, and perhaps (perhaps?!) having that be the denouement and therefore the culmination and therefore the beginning-of-the-end of all that is Wigglemania in this child's life.

Either that, or it spells Day One of my quest to find the appropriate blanket to go with Wiggles sheets and wallpaper...


Anonymous said...

As a parent and a grandparent, I have only one thing to say:

Bust out that charge card and start shopping for sheets girlfriend.

The Big Room will only fuel the WiggleMania, trust me on this.

P.S. I think they're creepy

misterfed said...

E, I hope your Wiggles experience is better than ours was. Or at least involves less vomiting: