Saturday, August 26, 2006

"How's it going down there?"

I have now seen it all.

Open your weekend newspaper coupons and you too will likely see this ad:

SAVE $1.00
"How's it going down there?
What you think is a yeast infection could actually be something more serious.
Bacterial vaginosis is an infection that requires a doctor's care...."

It directs you to
"To get your $2.00 rebate on Fem-V or more information on vaginal health."

So, of course, I went. Where I learned that, not only is there a National Vaginitis Association, but that a Gallup Survey, conducted by said association, "found that 95% of women had heard about yeast infections but more than 60% of women were unaware of the other possible causes of a vaginal infection." In the FAQ section, it makes clear that the product does not diagnose BV or any other type of infection, like trichomoniasis. It just tells you that it ain't yeast.

So, my mirth at this whole "vaginal health" marketing push is not that it appeals to the 6th grade boy who somehow resides in my psyche. Well, not entirely. It's more my sense that perhaps this is a product we don't need? Go with me here. You get itchy, burny and dischargy "down there." You buy a yeast infection treatment. You get no relief from said itchy burny discharginess. You call your doctor. You go there and get tested. You get what you need to restore your hoo-hoo's yin and yang. End of story.

Alternatively, if Fem-V tells you it "may be" yeast, you go buy a product and get relief. IF it's yeast. End of story.

Alternately alternatively, if Fem-V tells you it "may be" BV or Trich or something else, you go see your doctor to get tested and get relief. End of story.

I guess I'm just not seeing the sweeping need for this product. It strikes me as in the same category as douching: something marketed as a way to take advantage of women's discomfort with things downstairs when a simple chat with your doctor's nurse triage telephone line, or your doctor herself (or a friend, or a sister-in-law who volunteers for planned parenthood for that matter)could save you ten bucks and a day of wondering how "it's going down there."

That said, I'm saving the coupon should the need arise. A dollar off is a dollar off. ;)

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