Thursday, August 10, 2006

Out To Lunch

I've been insanely unable-to-sit-down-and-post busy, so once again The Haggis has descended into lame-itude. Lo siento mucho. When I get a minute (tonight?!) I will join the legion of people heralding The End of the Democratic Party as We Know It, due to the loss of Joe Lieberman in the CT primary. Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.

In other news, I'll tell you how I broke up with my hottie hematologist for an even hotter hematologist. It'll be funny (I hope), but we'll also ask them to "bring down the lights a little bit" to talk about kicking depressing (even if hottie) doctors to the curb. Because no one is THAT good looking that they should get to suck the hope out of you on a biweekly basis.

We're going talk about the terror cell discovery in the UK, which dovetails nicely with the recently-announced fact that 30% of Americans don't recall the year in which the 9/11 attacks occurred. Obviously some Brit sickos thought a reminder was in order.

We're all going to talk breathlessly about Vince and Jen's potential engagement!! Um. Or not.

Okay, gotta go to work. In the words of Ali G: "Respeck."

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