Friday, June 30, 2006

World Cup Calling--as Much as It Pains Me--

I've gotta say England over Portugal.

Being a Scotland fan is hard. It's like being a Red Sox fan pre-World Series 2004: endless heartbreak coupled with eternal hope. It also means, of course, the understanding that no matter which other teams make the finals, you never, ever support the Yankees. Which is why I feel a little dirty making the above prediction, but there you go. It had to be said.

Oh--and Brasil over France. Because, as a corollary to the above "never England" rule, one must never wish for a world in which France wins le coupe du monde.



Anonymous said...

O for 2 (thankfully!) GO FRANCE!

E said...

Yeah, I completely blew this one, didn't I?

But hey! On the bright side, a Scottish guy just whupped Roddick at Wimbledon! Woo Hoo!