Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thank You, Daily Mail

At least one newspaper on the planet (www.dailymail.co.uk) finally got it right in reporting a story about someone whose children were adopted. And I quote:

"Kidman's children from her 10-year marriage to Cruise, Isabella, 13, and Conor, 11, are expected to arrive in Sydney later this week."

I had to reread that sentence 4 times to convince myself that they hadn't actually used the adjective "adopted" in front of her kids' names. Awesome. Yeah yeah, they say "10 year marriage" and the kids are obviously older than that, but who cares?! Finally the Cruise children get a column inch that doesn't highlight the what-should-now-be-irrelevant-to-random-people fact of how they came to be Cruise children more than a decade ago.


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