Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fat Elvis Redux

As a junior-high school girl in the 80's I carried with me in my heart a very deep devotion to Simon LeBon of Duran Duran. It was a devotion challenged only by those nagging doubts that sometimes plagued my 13 year-old conscience when I wondered aloud whether I might not love John Taylor more...

At the time my girlfriends and I openly disparaged women of our mother's generation who had continued to love Elvis/throw their dainties at Elvis/get all swoony about Elvis even when he had morphed from just "Elvis" to "Fat Elvis." They assured us that someday we too would still swoon for a now-fat dude whose appeal used to make us spend hours practice signing our names as "Mrs. E. LeBon" when he was young and hot.

Well, my message to my friends' moms is this:

Wow. You were SO wrong.

To wit, I give you: Simon LeBon circa 1986 and Simon LeBon circa 2005. Nuff said.

Don't feel too bad, though. I'm working on my "Mrs. E. Connery" signature regardless...

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Anonymous said...

I was all about John Taylor myself. He's the one who is still hot out of the whole group.