Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Pox on Both Their Houses

You may have noticed a marked decline in the number of political posts here at SSHaggis. The reason is quite simple: it's all too freakin' depressing. I'm a working person over here, with a nonstop dynamo of a toddler, a new business, and ALL KINDS of really important stuff to do, like peruse or sit and gaze at the most-likely-gay-but-I-don't-care-cause-he's-dreamy-regardless Anderson Cooper or quite frankly, search endlessly up and down the dial for a Law And Order episode that I have not yet seen. These be busy times, yo. And I cannot have my premium awake hours filled with what my Dad called The Antics of a Dying Nation, courtesy of both the POTUS and his nemeses like Nancy Pelosi. They all piss me off in ways that I can't quite figure out how to constructively express without using the words "suck" or "totally" or "whatever, losers!" So because I don't want to get all "my space" adolescent on you, I am just taking a hiatus on the political stuff until I can think of ways to use The Queen's English rather than Valley-speak to articulate my precise horror, chagrin and borderline-hopelessness with the leaders of both parties...and by extension the people who elect and support them.

In the meantime, here are a couple of solutions I'm mulling:
Bring back Billy Clinton. Just not in the form of First Husband.
If the Republicans simply MUST keep the White House, let's bring back Abraham Lincoln.
Can we have have Kevin Kline come on by and re-enact his role in the movie Dave?
Can we all stop pretending that Pelosi and Reid have an f'ing clue how to lead a party that doesn't know how to be led?
Can we all stop pretending that certain high-level members of the GOP are not rotten to the core? And before you all screech, "but so are some Dems!" let me add that the GOP are the ones who were shrilly hectoring us with the nonstop message that they were going to "restore honor" to the White House and the Congress. Gee, how did that work out? It's one thing to be a pig and keep your mouth shut; it's quite another to disparage pigs, say that pigs are responsible for natural disasters, claim that you and your family are not and would not associate with pigs---and then turn out to be the piggiest pigs in the sty.

You see why I'm stopping? It ain't pretty inside the political wing of my brain right now, where my irritation is blocking my ability to write with anything better than a 4th-grade vocabulary. First comes a paragraph about 'pigs' and then comes one about 'poopyheads.' I'm stopping before that occurs.

You're welcome.

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