Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dialing While Drunk

Messages received on a good friend's voice mail today from an obviously inebriated person:

Call One:
Hey how are you? It was great sex. Great blowout sex, and you know, I miss it sometimes, I might have the wrong number I don't know but call me alright? bye bye.

Call Two:
Don't bother. It seems like you're not the right person. So..don't worry. bye bye.

I love that she called back to set the record straight, ie, that my friend would indeed NOT be welcome to come over and have blowout sex with her. That's awesome. I mean, if I had left a blue message on someone's voice mail, you can be d*mn sure I wouldn't be calling back! I'd just hope their caller ID was broken that day. It's a special and unique--oh yeah, and DRUNK or HIGH---woman who calls back just to make sure you don't actually think that a wrong number entitles you to intercourse.


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Carolyn Hax, during her weekly Wash Post online chat for "Tell Me About It" just addressed a related query about 'how to drunk dial less often'. Her response? "Drink less." Another poster responded, though, that you can call your cell carrier and provide phone numbers that you never ever want to have calls go thru for, say, after 11pm. As a courtesy, when you dial, you are redirected to a local cab dispatch for a lift home. This gal needs that service!