Thursday, June 01, 2006

Banana Hammock Brought to You by Borat

They say that the key to comedy is fearlessness; the willingness to do, be and say what no one else will, all in pursuit of the kernel of humor in each act or word. Well, for your breakfast enjoyment, my friends, I give you Sasha Baron Cohen, perhaps the most fearless comic of this generation:

If you are familiar with Da Ali G Show on HBO you will recognize this photo as Cohen's character Borat, the crazy Kazakh, at his film's screening in Cannes. If you are not, you will simply have to go now and Clorox your eyes. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. And yet, so freakin funny I can't stop laughing.

Read more about the Borat movie here:

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Miko said...

He is incredible. On one of the Ali G DVDs, he says on the commentary track that the gray suit which Borat normally wears has never been cleaned, and reeks of B.O. Knowing this adds a great deal of humor value to watching his interactions with the unsuspecting.