Sunday, December 02, 2007

Who's Scared of Barack Obama? The GOP.

A great piece by Frank Rich called Who's Scared of Barack Obama? LOVE it. To be contrasted with the piece by Karl Rove (a man to whose writings I have a strict policy of never linking) setting Obama up for failure, ie, "if you don't beat Hillary in Iowa it's all over for you." Says who, Rove? You? I can't imagine why you'd like to see Barack Obama out of the race and Hillary Clinton sail to the nomination...which brings us right back to Rich's point: the GOP running against Obama is in a much tougher race than running against HRC, so it's in their best interests to ensure she gets the nomination. I pray that we won't allow ourselves to get played by Rovian tactics like this ever again. If Hillary gets the nom, the 'Pubs will get the White House.


Anonymous said...

You must be kidding. Rove puts together a 6 point plan for Obama to actually follow if he wants to win. His points are all valid. Hillary is treating this nomination process as a coronation and Obama has done nothing (and I emphasize nothing) other than empty platitudes about change. To date, all style, no substance. Please dude...this is the big leagues.

I am undecided about Obama (and anti-Hillary), but let me say this. Republicans do not fear Obama in the slightest. He will be a far less formindable candidate than Hillary- who knows that winning requires a fight.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, for the last time, will you please stop impersonating and misrepresenting my views. Go get your own identity and ideas, for once! Huh?

Vigilante said...

Your good judgment and eye for the 'real stuff', E., has proven as totally reliable as a 33-degree Corona. In this case you've picked out Frank Rich's column which is definitive on the Obama-Clinton-GOP free-for-all. That's exactly how things stand right now. Imagine how things would be differently had Hill & Bill had been as courageous as Barack was in 2002? It's mind-boggling. The more one sniffs around HRC, the more she begins to smell like JFK II. No wonder that Rove is pulling for her.