Monday, December 17, 2007

Let's Hear It For Dodd

Massive and sustained applause for Senator Chris Dodd on his threatened filibuster today that effectively halted (for now) the FISA bill. You'll recall that the FISA bill grants retroactive immunity to telecom companies that were complicit in warrantless wiretaps of American citizens.

I cannot tell you how Dodd's commitment to this issue has elevated him in my eyes. He was the only senator on the POTUS campaign trail to return to DC from Iowa to take care of this business. As a result of his work (8 hours on the Senate floor), the bill was withdrawn and--for now--the courts rather than the Congress are still tasked with deciding whether telecom companies need legal protections.

Senator Dodd, thank you for making the Constitution your priority.

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Vigilante said...

I want to take back a lot of the negative stuff I said about Dodd as a president or vice-president. But not all of it. Not Yet. But he sure had a great week this week. I'm proud to be a member of his Dodd Squad!