Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Life Lesson From Snow

Yesterday's snow was awesome. Bambina and I had a crazy good time outside. There is no substitute in the world for that distinctive kiddie belly laugh coming from your little one. She loves the snow, making angels, making footprints, imitating the rabbit footprints we found, and making snowcones. She therefore learned one of life's most important and profound lessons yesterday: Do Not Eat Yellow Snow. She completely got it and seemed tickled to have that special piece of knowledge reserved for bigger kids. I also learned that, as much as I loved city living for many reasons, it's truly a wonderful thing to have a yard where you really can just let your kid eat some snow without rushing to perform the heimlich.

Here we are with our snow buddha. We tried to make a traditional snowman, but Bambina lost interest when I mentioned we had two more big balls of snow to make before we could climb on him. We didn't set out to create a buddha; he just kind of happened, which made him all the more special.


nm in mn said...

If there was a Pulitzer prize for "photography where the subjects have no heads" I think you would win hands down. It's a shame that the prize is not limited in that way.

Glad B is enjoying the snow. If you want to blow her mind, bring her to MN for a week. We have lots of that lovely white stuff.

E said...

Thankyouverymuch! You are too funny, btw.