Monday, December 31, 2007

The End Of The Line

This is the Traveling Wilburys, that old band featuring George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan. I remember their video being on MTV when I was in high school. I also remember thinking, "What a bunch of relics! Who's gonna listen to that crap?! And WHY is Tom Petty hanging out with them? Career suicide, dude! Career suicide!"

Thanks to her Gram and Pop, Bambina is completely obsessed with The Wilburys. She loves playing guitar, so the fact that there are FIVE guitars in this group just completely blows her little mind, like how do they harness all that guitar shredding power times five?!! Whoa! Because she sits and watches the DVD with said grandparents, she also knows about their recording sessions in what she calls "the Wilbury House." So now we have to play Wilbury House where she knocks on the door and asks George if he's looking for an extra guitarist "since Roy is dead." I haven't the heart to tell her that George is now deceased too. So off we go to The Wilbury House where she insists we record only Wilbury Twist because it has the word "underwear" in it, which to a 3 year old is comedy gold. We've had to change a few lyrics since those Wilburys are a bunch of delinquents (had I known this in '89 I might have been less dismissive) what with words like "ass" in songs as well. So now the lyric is "put your other foot up...fall on 'the grass,' get back up, put your teeth in a glass." Which is another notion she loves, that some older people have fake teeth that they take out and put in glasses. My Dad is smiling wherever he is because, after I explained the thing about fake teeth for people who grew up back in the day, she said, "Like Bumpa!" I laughed hysterically, like one of her primary memories of my father is that he took his teeth out at night. Somehow I think he'd find that as funny as I do.

In any case, enjoy the song. It's a fantastic theme for the end of an old year and the start of a new one.

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