Sunday, December 30, 2007

Non Appetit

Here's a link to Epicurious' Worst Food Trends of 2007. They are all right-on.

Macho Fast Food: There's no reason to consume an entire day's calories in one breakfast burrito from Hardee's.

Vanity Vodkas: The minute Donald Trump got his own vodka, the clear spirit had jumped the shark.

The Ubiquitous $40 Entree: Rising prices make great food inaccessible to the masses.

Hot Spots You Can't Find: Life is too short to dine at a "restaurant" where you have to go through an underground tunnel and then know the password, or, the owners refuse to reveal the eatery's address or phone number.

Truffles the Size of a Softball: These fancy tubers have their fans, but they're the Paris Hilton of ingredients--expensive, overexposed, and bring little to the mix.

Restaurants "In Preview:" They charge the same prices, but aren't accountable for the food because they're in "preview" mode. Restaurateurs need to own up to what they're putting out and the level of service.

Not that I've been to an abundance of anywhere in 2007, but I will say from excessive viewing of Bravo, Food Network and National Geographic Channel that my votes go to Foam in food (it looks like that drool you have right before you vomit not to mention the yucky mouthfeel of eating shampoo) and Deconstructed Food (which may be a holdover from 2004 for all I know). All I know is that if I order a caesar salad, I don't want to have to cut my own lettuce, grate my own damn cheese and masticate chunks of anchovy in the dressing. I can make that kind of amateur crap at home! If I pay you for food, I kind of expect YOU to prepare it. Oh--and without foam.

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