Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to Those Who Celebrate!

Lots of Christmas links and giggles for you today. I know you're busy with all of that shopping and bouche de noelle baking and whatnot, so consider this my yuletide prezzie for you, my Christmas-celebratin' darlins.

First, this one from Haggis and Grits:

Next, a cool version of O Holy Night for kids who like their Christmas music with extra guitar. It's a band called Seriously. You can download it free on their myspace page: seriouslytheband

Then these from Prince William of England, Scotland and Perhaps Northern Ireland But Most Definitely Not Wales:


Vigilante said...

Funny, funny, increasingly funny!

CCCamel95 said...

What ... no mention or love for the best holiday of all ... FESTIVUS!!

St said...

Thanks! Just back from the frantic, last-minute trip to Target! And thanks for the note about the mold...maybe Jt will listen to you