Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Miscellaneous Election Stuff
That's a link to a VP Debate drinking game, brought to you by Derrick at Popehat. He's right on target with the goals for each candidate. I love my Big Joe Biden, but Derrick is correct that his primary job tomorrow night is to avoid looking like a "gigantic douche." My fear is that Palin has such low expectations that all she needs to do is not totally melt down and it will be called a home run. Whereas if Joe Biden gets at all exuberant about something, he'll be bullying such a sweet lady.

Next up, a video of McCain with the Des Moines Register. Not only does he seem Just This Side of losing his temper, but he seems to genuinely subscribe to the view that non-factual statements are not lies, but simply alternate valid viewpoints. Like, he "respects the right" of the editorial board of the Register to think that Obama does not support classic sex education for kindergarteners, but he can show documentation that he does. Except for the fact that such "documentation" has been widely discredited.

And one last thought: When are we allowed to smack the next person who uses the totally beat phrase, "in the tank for..."? It's this quarter's "under the bus" and it needs to stop. Think of something else to say, Michelle Malkin and your ilk (all people who didn't feel so compelled to use the term when McCain was enjoying the friendly support of the media [whom he referred to at the time as his "base."]) Think of a more eloquent and creative way to say what you're trying to say without resorting to cliches like "under the bus," "the fix is in," or "playing the race card." All of these have been used today to discuss the manufactured controversy over Gwen Ifill's role as a moderator of the VP debate and author of an (as yet unwritten) book on the new black power in the "age of Obama." Malkin is hyperventilating that the McCain campaign did not know about the book and has therefore been duped by a left-leaning press. Okay. Or, you know, the crack team of experts running the McCain campaign could have looked on that very private and password-encryptedly inaccessible site called at some point in the past two months to see the blurb about the upcoming book. It's pretty sad when I'm sitting on my couch aware of a book by Gwen Ifill, and an entire presidential campaign apparently is not. But, as always, when confronted with your own dumbassness, best to blame the media.

And finally, the Obama Tax Cut Calculator, since everyone and their mother seems to still believe that Obama is going to raise their taxes. (John McCain, war hero, said it, so it must be true).


nm in mn said...

My taxes will be cut by more by McCain. Yes, not raised by other candidate, but I will have more money in my bank under the McCain plan.

That is a neat tool to play with - you can see the really well off and how they are benefited by McCain, and the 'average' person not really that different between the two.

nm in mn said...

This is a good explanation of it as well:

Link to