Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Infomercial NOT starring Chuck Norris

Watched the Obama infomercial tonight. In fact, I told Bambina that she needed to be asleep by 8 so I could watch it. She asked if she could watch it too. I gave her points for effort, but said that bedtime rituals are the one area this year in which I prefer "more of the same" to any kind of change. She dutifully drifted off at 7:45, not the least of which because she was up at 6:30am today, all bright eyed and bushy-tailed, and then was draggin' her wagon by 3pm.

So. The Infomercial. I approached my viewership of said presentation with a sizeable quantity of apprehension. Oh dear God, please don't let him overreach with 6 days to go. Do not use Greek columns. Do not do a 30-minute biography, as inspiring as I find it to be. Do NOT delay the World Series (not an issue; game time = 8:40). Do not let Joe make any "Hidin' the Biden" dirty jokes. Just get in, get out, and get elected, for land sakes.

Obama obviously reads my diary. The focus of the infomercial was not Obama, but voters. It was a series of short vignettes featuring "average Americans" (from swing states) struggling with jobs, health care, retirement savings. After each vignette Obama spoke about his policy proposals to fix the problems outlined in the vignettes. It was actually pretty well done, in my opinion. Which is the opinion of a person 100% not the target demographic for the show; so who the heck knows how it went down in "real America" where perhaps people were just pissed that they were missing Two and a Half Men or something.

In any case, I walked away from the broadcast a fully committed supporter of Obama--and the proud owner of a state-of-the-art Juiceman juicer! Three easy payments, baby. Now THAT is change you can believe in.

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