Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Take Me Off Your List, My Friend.

I received a letter from Sarah Palin last week. The BBDD received one from John McCain yesterday. Both thanking us for being such dedicated supporters, and asking for assistance to beat back the torrent of attacks from the "Obama Democrats."

If you haven't clued in yet, I'm clearly not a supporter of McCain-Palin. Full disclosure. But once again I just have to speak to the rank amateur performance of the McCain campaign in the area of campaign fundamentals. Like mailing lists. I recognize that mix-ups occur all the time, or that sometimes your name ends up on a list because you donated to something in memory of someone whether you support that cause or not. I get that. But we are REGISTERED DEMOCRATS. We have FEC-available records showing that we (okay, me) are rather dedicated donors to Democratic candidates. We have never given money to a Republican candidate in our lives. Not because we vote party line, but just because we haven't seen one we want to vote for yet in the states in which we've lived. ;)

So how did we each get a letter from the campaign thanking us for past support that never occurred, and exhorting us to defeat the very man we both pray will win? It's pretty funny. For me. But it shouldn't be to the McCain campaign. It's a major breakdown in the very nuts and bolts of the campaign, to be spending money mailing to people who laugh at your letters...and who clearly, if any type of suppression list had been used (it's direct marketing inside baseball, but in general that is the way organizations ensure you don't get multiple mailings, or that you meet the specific demographics they're looking to target, such as suppressing all males under 35 years old, etc.), would have been bounced HARD from your final mailing list.

I say, keep 'em coming, Senator McCain! Feel free to spend as much as you'd like to on cultivating my support. ;)

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Anonymous said...

I got one too which is hysterical since I voted for Nader.Stupid is as stupid does.