Friday, October 24, 2008

Looks Like I'm Not an A**hole

Shocker. The Ashley Todd-Big-Black-Obama-Supporter-Attacked-and-Maimed-Me story is a lie. But we already knew that.

What we did not already know was that the Communications Director of the Pennsylvania McCain campaign was pushing a more incendiary version of the story to the media, before the facts or details had been established by the police. And, to double-down on the race-baiting, Sarah Palin CALLED THIS WOMAN, and thereby--like a fucking rank amateur--injected herself and the campaign into what could have been a very ugly, nationally-disastrous incident had it been true. You betcha she's dangerous.

I've said all along that McCain is running a completely inept campaign with a sprinkle of pure evil. I have now decided that it's the inverse: he is running a completely evil campaign with a sprinkle of ineptitude.

In this country, with our history (that I don't need to remind you is not ancient, but rather only 40-50 years ago), to get involved in any way with promoting this story of a big black man attacking, sexually assaulting, and disfiguring a white woman on behalf of a black candidate for office, when the facts of that "attack" had yet to be established and confirmed is beyond stupid. It is criminally insane. It is beyond criminally insane, actually. It is irresponsible in a way that most decidedly does not put Country First. Might I add that I'm giving them a pass by just saying it's criminally insane and irresponsible. If I didn't feel compelled to believe better of him and his employees (you know, the people he "associates with"), I'd have to wonder if they didn't just imagine they'd found their desperately-desired October Surprise when they heard this "terrible" news...

I don't think John McCain is a racist. But I do think his campaign (and therefore he, as in "I'm John McCain and I approved this message") is okay with exploiting any racism that might exist for his own benefit. Why else--with 11 days to go, and so much ground to make up--would you involve your campaign in an issue like this?

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