Friday, October 24, 2008

B or BS?

That's the headline of this article detailing the alleged politically-motivated attack on a John McCain supporter.

I will happily eat my words--with full on grovelling--if this attack took place as the alleged victim said it did. But for now I have to go out on a limb and call bullshit on it. She said that she was mugged at an ATM, and when the attacker saw the McCain bumpersticker on her car, he (a large black man, of course) carved a 'B' into her face in anger.

Here's my issue, beyond even Michelle Malkin's doubts regarding the actual injury and the woman's subsequent statements to police, and refusal to go for medical help (a person I NEVER quote on this site): as flippant as it sounds, anyone supporting Obama would have carved an 'O' not a B. Nobody who supports Obama feels all intergalactically and spiritually connected to the letter B. It's all about the O. That would be like all those people who loved George W. Bush back in the day walking around making "G" signs with their fingers. Nope; it was all about the W. Nobody cared about the G, and nobody cares about the B.

Like I said, if it did happen as she said it did, then I'm an asshole and I'll take my lumps. But if not, it either didn't happen at all or--you read it here first--she was, in fact, attacked, by a supporter of Bob Barr.

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