Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tonight's VP Debate

I'm worried. Worried because of the collective "soft bigotry of low expectations" around Sarah Palin. All she has to do is not make an earth-crushingly stupid remark and she'll be considered a winner. Joe Biden has to play hardball while not looking like he's being mean to a lady. The consensus around Team Haggis is that Biden should err on the side of saying too little and let Palin hoist herself on her own petard. But brother also needs to watch his back because she's good at folksy stories (some true, some not) that "connect" with "average" Americans.

Argh. I want to watch the debate but I almost can't bring myself to, I'm so nervous about it. At the same time, it is required viewing. After all, when a VP candidate is asked to name any landmark Supreme Court cases that inform her thinking, and it is characterized by her campaign as a "gotcha" question, well, you know we need to hear more. Yeah I get it that not many people could name landmark Supreme Court cases they agree with, but you know what? We're not running for VP, are we? We're not asking a nation of people to elect us to the highest office in the land, if not the world, are we? So you'll forgive me for thinking that those seeking the office should at least have cracked a newspaper and thought about Brown v. Board of Ed once in a while.

Anyway. I'll be blogging during the debate. If I can stand it.

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nm in mn said...

I hope they ask what magazines or newspapers she reads. that was classic; then again, I also hope they ask Biden who was President during the depression, and what was the most popular tv show then.