Friday, October 10, 2008

Pentecostal Palin

Here's an article shedding light on why the McCain campaign is doubling down on Ayers but going easy on the Rev. Wright: Sarah Palin has some pastor troubles of her own. The article contains a video of her being blessed by a visiting minister who prays over her to protect her from witchcraft. It does not show, unfortunately, the part where he says that "the Israelites" control the economy and that more Christians should be represented. Here's the article:

And here's the video:

I don't know about you, but should McCain win, I'm praying every damn day for his life and health. And what the hell, I'll also pray that he be protected from both witchcraft and "the Israelites."

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Utah Savage said...

I tried to leave a comment on the top post, but it wouldn't allow me to. A belated happy (yesterday's high holy jewish holiday). I've been thinking of you for days, but have been having little stupid crises in my life that have kept me from visiting my favorite bloggers. The rotorooter man is here now, so this is a stolen moment. I was so glad to see your comment at my place. I really do miss you when I don't see you or read you. You really are one of the best writers in the bloggy world and you write such a lovely tale of how the political is personal.