Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Trip So Far

Not much access to the 'net, so the trip recap will probably have to come when we're all back home. That said, Bambina is having a good time but is frazzled. Out of her schedule, sleeping in different beds, relatively little downtime. She actually said to us on the metro as we were proposing another activity: "Okay, but can I nap first?" When your child, who has not napped or indicated a need to nap in almost 2 years, specifically requests a nap, you know you've overscheduled her. So we're ratcheting down the meet-and-greets and just taking her to the zoo where she can look at the monkeys instead of being asked to perform like one for our friends. :) There are only so many times and ways in one day that you can ask your 4 year-old to "say hello to..." and "say thank you to..." people who hold very little meaning to her but who are all cooing over her nonetheless, before she has every right to protest. It went like this: "But when can we go to a playground?" Message received. So we met friends at playgrounds instead of restaurants, in their homes instead of restaurants. Places where we could speak like adults but that didn't require her to sit still and behave for 90 full minutes beyond her ability to do so. After all, it's fun for us but it has got to be excruciating boredom for her. And in the end, it ain't a real family vacation if the whole family ain't having fun. So no more social obligations for the rest of the trip. Just kiddie fun.

Here are a couple of pics from the trip:
Dan Zanes Rocks the Hizzy

Dan Zanes Brings Bubbles!

George Washington Is Pissed: That Looks Nothing Like Me!

Finally, a playground!

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nm in mn said...

I love the last shot.....but did you feel creepy hiding in the trees taking it?

Glad you guys are having a great trip.