Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wednesday Is Hump Day

It's also Mohs day. Yep--it's time for another round of Mohs surgery on a squamous cell near my ear. Then--finally--that should be all of the dermatological incisions I'll need for a short while.

Wednesday is also Halloween. Bambina is dressing up as a sunflower carrying a dog. Odd, yes. But hey, I don't meddle in my kid's dress-up interests. She just meddles in mine, which means that I have to go as a witch carrying a dog. It works for me, because I can use the witch hat to hide what will be the extremely large mohs surgery gauze pad over half my face. Which will also be behind a big turquoise N95 mask. Scaaaaaaayyyy-reeeeeee!

I'm hoping having the mask on will dissuade me from eating tons of chocolate, but not likely. I got some winter clothes out of storage the other day and had my little crisis when I realized that a pair of pants I used to wear are now a bit tight around the keester. (Keister? kiester?...never mind): ass. My old brown pants are tight around my ass. I was about to rack my brain like, "what the eff could I be doing to make pants tight? I barely ate for three months! Gimme a break!" when I looked at the tag and realized that the pants that now feel tight are a Size One. Yeah, I said the same thing: E, Shut the F Up. And throw out the stupid pants. It's called perspective, darlings, and the past few months have given me a serious--and very welcome--dose of it. And believe me: no one is more delighted than the BBDD who has experienced one too many of my "oh my god when did I turn into a pie shop?" meltdowns over nothing more meaningful than a pair of snug britches.

But I digress. Wednesday is also the day I will discuss the Dem Debate, the latest season of Heroes, and the ongoing drama of SCHIP.

I'll also give out candy if you tell me what you're wearing... :)

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St said...

Just do me one thing...put a big effing title on your Heroes review so I can read it AFTER I catch up! For the record, I thought the season premiere was a tad disappointing.
Tons of bacterial shielding thoughts coming your way, ms gaping-wound-lacking-immune-going-outside-with-lots-of-little-kids...lady. Nothing requires that many dashes. sorry.