Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gosh I Love America!

Click below for a very funny and informative quiz from The New Yorker's previous issue. It's called "Gosh I Love America!": A 2008 Campaign Quiz. Sadly all the information in the quiz is factual. My favorite questions are these:

**At a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Joseph Biden referred to the queue of senators waiting to speak. How did he pronounce "queue"?
a) Kwa-you
b) Kway
c) Cue-you-ee

**How did a Times editorial describe Rudolph Giuliani when he was mayor?
a) A human hand grenade
b) A pit bull with a comb-over
c) A clumsy wife-leaver



Vigilante said...
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Vigilante said...

A truly great quiz. I'd really like to compete with you, E., on this one, (and compare scores) but I just don't do paper and pencil stuff any more! (Lucky for me, huh?)