Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Different Kind of Wardrobe Malfunction

Apparently men can have wardrobe malfunctions too. This is a photo of long-time BBC presenter Terry Wogan who, according to the Daily Mail, had his "lunchbox" out on camera due to some ill-fitted moleskin pants.

Wogan has been around British TV since I was a kid living there. He's like a cross between Johnny Carson, Chuck Woolery and Regis Philbin; so just as you under no circumstances ever want to see those gentlemen's "parts" you can imagine my horror at seeing Wogan's meat-and-two-veg.

The moral of this story? First of all, gentlemen, don't be wearing "moleskin pants." Second, if it feels tight around the family jewels, feel free to adjust your seating position. Especially if you are on camera.


Vigilante said...

Earth to E: It's not malfunction, Baby. It's deliberate.

E said...

LOL Vigilante!!!