Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Mondays

Some cool things from today:

First and foremost, a really fantastic article from the Globe about a 13 year-old boy who was born with one leg. This amazing kid not only summited Kilimanjaro, but raised money for a charity providing wheelchairs in developing countries at the same time. When asked how he faces a challenge like having only one leg, he answers, "I challenge the challenge." Pretty impressive kid by any measure.


Next, a website featuring a soldier on his second tour in Iraq. A local school sent him a teddy bear named "Battle Hard Bear," and this site is features his periodic reports on what the bear has been up to.


Finally, VH1 aired the Hip Hop Honors tonight. I recognize that I would win both the popular and electoral vote for "Girl Least Likely To Enjoy the Hip Hop Honors show." But tonight the honorees include bands that completely represent my early and late adolescence. Whodini (you think you don't know them but you do: "Freaks Come Out at Night,") and New Jack Swing (the movement that brought us Boys II Men, Heavy D and the Boyz, Tony Toni Tone, and all those other bands that I totally kissed a ton of boys to at dances...).


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