Thursday, January 12, 2006

You Know You're a True Blue Scot (In America) When...

1. This photo gives you a lump in your throat for two countries
2. You can name all the tartans on the kilts
3. You noticed that there were different tartans on the kilts
4. You didn't refer to them as "plaid man-skirts"
5. You felt called to do a Sean Connery "Yes Miss Moneypenny" impersonation and not a Mike Meyers Fat Bastard impersonation
6. You find men in kilts attractive, even if they are sporting ZZ Top beards
7. You look at the photo and think, "it doesn't look nearly cold enough in that hangar"
8. You don't assume a firefighter has just died
9. You don't make a dorky joke about "what's under the kilt"...primarily because:
10. You KNOW what's under the kilt, baby!

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