Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Bush We Like

As in "Reggie."

Everyone was banking on Matt Leinart winning the Heisman. Luckily, the Heisman powers that be recognized the importance of substance over style when they chose Reggie Bush over a repeat-anointing of Leinart. I am not for one moment minimizing Leinart's contribution to the USC organization, I'm just saying that he gets a lot more attention because he's a pretty boy.

Tomorrow is USC's big day against the University of Texas. Bush and Leinart have led the Trojans to 34 straight victories, and this will be the first time two Heisman winners will play on the same team in a college game.

If USC wins, they'll be the first team to win three times in a row. The Longhorns are 12-0, and they've won 19 in a row with the leadership of Vince Young, the Heisman runner-up.

The Trojans are favored, according to the Sports Commentators in the Sky. In this, the Haggis' very first sports prognostication EVER, I'm giving it to the Longhorns by a TD.

Let's see how they--and I--do. Hook 'em Horns! Or, Fight On. Whatever...


Joe Tornatore said...

not bad sports commentary.

Vigilante said...

Hook 'em Horns?

No,it's Fook the Long Horns!

(You got it wrong, E. One letter makes all the difference.)

E said...

Yeah, with 4:22 left in the 4th, I am getting my prognosticator clock cleaned!

Oh wait! 4:03 Texas Touchdown! It's still ON!

Vigilante said...

At 2:06 to go, I yelled "Punt, USC, Punt!"

If I had the phone number, I would have dialed up the offense coordinator. (Whatever was on his mind?)

Sometimes having one Heisman winner on your team is better than having two.

E said...

How Sweet It Is!

I wonder what you'd have said, Vigilante, if you HAD been able to call. Sample script, please! ;)

Vigilante said...

In the first place, no call should have been necessary. After 57 minutes it should have been clear to a stick in the mud that the Horns could not have been contained to 50 yards for two minutes.To do that, they would have needed 15 players on the field. Only some faith-based neocon would have risked 4th and 2 on the 50 yardline.

So, the conversation on the Blackberry would have gone:

Dude, listen to me.
This is Gawd speaking.
We are in slam-dunk mode.
Either de Punt or be damned.