Friday, January 06, 2006

Redskins on a Roll

But is it kaiser, jelly or sushi?

As much as I'd love to, in The Haggis' THIRD Ever Sports Prognostication Blowout, call it for the Skins, I just can't; and here's why:

1) They lost last time to Tampa Bay

2) I hate that they won't change the name "Redskins" to something more appropriate like Brown Abbos or White Trash or why not Yellow Skins

3) I live in DC, and there will be NO LIVING IN DC in peace and relative quiet if the Redskins win

4) There's something vaguely satisfying about knowing that Dan Snyder, unbelievably rich, supercilious and bilious man, just can't sleep nights thinking about his slackdaddy football team and who he must fire next in order to further his Super Bowl ambitions

So there you have it. Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the Washington Red "But Actually More Olive-Skinned But Native Not Foreign and Totally In Homage To Their Great Culture and History" Skins. Barely.

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E said...

Mea culpa; I was wrong. But I was right about one thing: there is no living in DC when the Redskins win. The entire local newscast tonight was alla about the skins, as if nothing else was going in the entire world.