Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Welcome to the Family, Meg Ryan

Meg has reportedly just returned home from China with her baby daughter. A big fat Mazel Tov from The Bambina.

Well, actually she said, "Fla fla fla" but I'm sure that means "congrats, Meg and baby!"

It makes me want to start another round of invasive social worker visits and 22-hour airplane flights to China. Seriously. It does. A sister for The Bambina. But what would she be called? I'd have to think of another foreign word for baby. German? Das Baby? Nah. Portuguese? O Bebe. Too pedestrian. Maybe it should be "younger sister." But jungere schwester still doesn't do it for me. Sorellina? Hey, that might work. Bambina and Sorellina.

We'll see. I can't very well write on the form that I want to adopt a daughter from China because I was kvelling over Meg Ryan, can I? Too lame even for me.

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