Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pat Robertson: God's Henchman Here on Earth

The delightful and ever-compassionate Christian, Pat Robertson, has just announced that Ariel Sharon's life-threatening stroke is a result of angering God for "dividing his land" as part of the peace process.

What Would Jesus Do about Pat Robertson? That's what I'd like to know. And may this be proof positive to politically conservative Jews who think a partnership with the Christian Right is a good thing, that you are being used to further Pat Robertson's deluded view of God's plan for Israel. Getting in bed with the Christian Right doesn't get you anywhere, toward peace, total power or anything in between, it simply gives Pat Robertson the chance to dance on your grave should you run afoul of HIS religious beliefs.

Can't we have some kind of regime change down there in Virginia Beach, for God's sake?!

PatRobertson on Ariel Sharon

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Vigilante said...

Fire and Brimstone is a pedigree of 'originalist' American Conservatism.

What more can we say?