Saturday, January 28, 2006

Don't F with The O

James Frey, you big fat moron.

Forget about literary dissembling.
Forget about pretending you are someone you're not.
Forget about turning the publishing industry on its ear about memoir verification.
Forget about betraying all those readers who bought your book and truly connected with your pain.

Dude. You F'd with Oprah.

Dick Cheney himself could put the electrodes on my genitals and I still would not talk. But you tell me I'm going on national television with Oprah? You'll get the Truth. And nuthin' but, baby.


1 comment:

Vigilante said...

See what you can do to "flip" the O and get her to see that she's also been F-ed with (along with the rest of us) by the GWB.

Truth-seeking and fact-checking could suddenly get contagious in this once-great country.