Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'll Take The Urine Flavor

The Bambina has taken to putting everything she can find into her pockets. This is a great thing, except she thinks that "pockets" are any opening in her clothing. So "down her shirt" is a pocket. "Into the sides of her overalls and down her legs" is a pocket. So too is "down the front of her diaper."

Yesterday she helped me put away groceries after which we sat down on the living room floor while she drew pictures while dancing to the Wiggles while yelling, "Melmo!!" (ie, Elmo). Lots of activity, during which I noticed a huge bulge in her overalls. I was thinking, "oh dear god, that is the MOTHER OF ALL POOPS!" So I started patting her down in my motherly Sipowicz kind of way. I pulled out--and I'm not kidding--

1 sippy cup, size small
4 markers
2 blocks, one red, one "bupple!" (purple)
1 pooh book, very small square handheld kind
1 broken Blackberry (I guess she heard about the lawsuit...)


1 partially removed diaper into which had been placed two packets of Quaker Instant Oatmeal; one regular, one apple cinnamon.

Oatmeal. Kid-tested. Mother Approved.


misterfed said...

Better things put in the diaper than things taken out of the diaper.

Vigilante said...

A 5-point, 1-item quiz:

Why are today's politicians like yesterday's diapers?