Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Y'All: It's Not ME!

The photo on my profile is not me. Three friends have called me today to ask if it is me, to say "why are you looking at your boobs?," "wow that's risque!," and "I love your dress!"

It ain't me. It's Kate Hudson. Daughter of Goldie Hawn. Stepdaughter of Kurt Russell. Wife of Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes. Mother of Ryder Robinson.

I put the photo up because J said it was risky to have my own photo online. Protective, protective, bless his heart. Another friend had sent this to me telling me that she thought she looked a bit like me from certain angles (a total suck-up comment if ever there was one), and I liked it because Kate seems to be saying, "Where are my boobs!??!" Which I say all the time... :)

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