Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Mars/Venus: What Will It Take to Get a Man to Ask for Directions?

Apparently, clones of my parents live in St. Louis:

(KSDK) -- A Florissant couple is safe after they were missing for nearly 24 hours. They were finally located early Sunday morning.

Saturday morning, Violet, 83, and William Kaczmark, 81, were heading to Harrah's Casino in Maryland Heights for a family reception, when they got lost.

Violet wanted to stop for help. She says her husband didn't, "I told him I had seen two different cops and I think I'm going to one cop and tell him I'm lost and how do you get back to Florissant and, he says no I don't want you doing that."

The couple also didn't stop to find a place to eat or a place to sleep. Instead they drove through the night. Meantime, Florissant police, fearing foul play, conducted a search and asked the media to broadcast the missing persons report. There was a gentleman driving through East St. Louis as he heard it on the radio. He observed them driving in front of them erratically, back and forth between the lanes. He pulled alongside them and yelled for them to pull over, which they did. Once he did that, he grabbed the keys and called police."

Violet says if it hadn't been for the stranger stopping them, she thinks they would still be lost. She says she's going to buy a cell phone in case they get lost again.

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