Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Take a few moments today, in anticipation of Thanksgiving tomorrow, and create a list of things that make your life richer. Try to focus less on the necessities (I'm thankful for my job) and more on those things that don't necessarily knock you out with their magic every day, but that without them, your life would be poorer.

Yours will be different, but here are a few of mine to start you off:

1) The smell of "baby" on my 18 month old niece.
2) My 7-year old niece's declaration that we are "best pals forever."
3) The smell of freshly-cut grass in April telling you that spring is here.
4) A quality cappuccino with just *this* much foam.
5) JM's emails that read like a Bill Bryson work
6) The sound of L's laughter, which makes me smile
7) The smell of J's cooking, which tells me I am cared for
8) The early, EARLY! ringing of the phone on my birthday that tells me my parents will be singing at the top of their lungs when I answer it
9) The joy of conversations with C, J and N, which remind me that they each "get me" in a different way.
10) Back scratches, baby! ;) [just call me Kramer]

Okay. Your turn. Feel free to leave them here, or even better, email them to the people that matter.


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Anonymous said...

I am thankful for sick Sesame Street cartoons!