Thursday, November 11, 2004

Telly: The Lamest Show Promo Ever

I was just watching ER (I know, I know; it's old and busted, but I get sucked in every week by the promos which always promise "the most riveting ER ever" which is a total, bitterly-disappointing lie. And yet hope springs eternal that there will be a supersurprise George Clooney-Julianna Margulies story arc. Dream on, E). Anyway, during the commercial break, there was a promo for Law And Order:CI on Sunday night. The promo went thusly:

"Desperate Housewives is not on this Sunday night. But Law and Order:CI is an all-new episode..."

Okay. I'm assuming that every professional involved in the creation and airing of that promo will be fired by Friday COB. Have you ever heard a less exciting reason to watch a show?: That other good show won't be on; so hey! how about some sloppy seconds?! If you like tongue-in-cheek dramedy with cute women and great writing, then look no further than Law And Order:CI as a substitute! Yeah! Do you like Teri Hatcher?! Then get a load of Vincent D'Onofrio! Like your drama with a heady dose of humor? Then look no further than our triple-murder-mutilation story line! Now THAT is some Must-See Telly!

Short Story Long: Here's the kicker: the promo assumes that even if your show is not on, that you will still sit there and watch *something* rather than get up and go do something else, like have a life. Oh, okay, so maybe they were right on that one....

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