Monday, November 22, 2004

Sports: NBA Impulse Control

You will never guess what happened at work today. We had a group of visitors in our office for the afternoon. So, I was sitting at my desk when one of them walked into my office and threw a cup of water on me. Totally unprovoked, totally uncalled-for.

So I did what any of us would do in similar circumstances: I stood up and starting punching the visitors in the face as fast as I could deliver the beatings. My office mate also got involved as a matter of honor, and started whaling on them as well. As I look back, I'm not entirely sure that the person I punched was the person who threw the water on me, but you know how it is when you are provoked like that...

My boss told me not to come back till after Christmas WITHOUT PAY! But I maintain that she is being unfair. I mean, what was I supposed to do?! That guy threw water on me! Wasn't my behavior justified?! How can they say I'm at fault? It just shows how the management of my company is out to get me, doesn't it? The deck is stacked against me, and I am being dealt with unfairly. There is no question. When you are disrespected like that, you are totally justified in responding however you need to. It doesn't matter that I'm at work, on the clock, engaging in my chosen profession financed by the management. I am justified in doing whatever I need to do to handle disrespect. If you don't agree, then you obviously are anti-woman-in-the-workplace.

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