Monday, November 22, 2004

Politics: Senators Don't Read The Bills They Vote For

How comforting is that?! Some unknown (yeah, right) staffer inserts a clause allowing two Republican Senators access to the tax returns of any American citizen, and the bill passes without a peep.

No one (gasp!) has any idea (we're scandalized!) how such a Big Brother eventuality could have occurred! The two senators assured us that they would not have used the power (how could you think we would?!), but something tells me that the clause wouldn't have been inserted just for these two to show their restraint.

Bill Frist promises "accountability." Now, is that the Bill Clinton-got-oral-sex-and-must-be-impeached accountability?
Or the Tom DeLay Lies-and-Obfuscates-So-Let's-Change-That-Ethics-Rule
Because It Now Applies to Him accountability?

I await the harsh consequences for this breach of the public trust...not with the expectation that it will occur of course. But I will await it regardless, you know, out of good old American optimism.

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Vigilante said...

Putting the "D" back into "Dysfunctional Congress". . .
My guess is that 95% of the legistlation the House passes is actually read by less than 5% of elected Representatives.