Thursday, August 28, 2008


All week I've been wondering when someone at this convention was going to call out John McCain on his conduct of the campaign, on his proposed policies, on his relationship with the Bush machine. I kept wondering who was going to do it since of course the nominee himself generally doesn't do it himself.

But since McCain has made it personal with Obama, Obama answered. He gave specific policy proposals. He frontally engaged McCain point by point: the "celebrity" thing, the experience thing, the national security thing, the patriotism thing, the elitism thing. He essentially said to McCain: Bring It On.

And make no mistake: he needed to do it. Everyone was wondering if this guy could throw a punch, if he could take McCain on the central issues of McCain's campaign, if he was going to delegate this stuff to Joe Biden, if he was tough enough.

I'm going to sit on this overnight and write more in the morning. But right now it feels like Obama delivered precisely what he needed to, answering all the charges leveled at him to date, and showing that he knows what's going to come next week from the Twin Cities.

I can't wait for the debates.

And PS--Thank you, Obama, for finally having a rabbi deliver the invocation at tonight's event. Might I add--the first Jewish clergyperson in history to do so at either party's convention since conventions began. That's in almost 100 years, y'all. No rabbis in almost 100 years. All those conventions. All those invocations. All those benedictions. Not one little bit of room for one rebbe in one hundred years? Until tonight. It might not mean much to you, but it sure as hell means a lot to me.

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Vigilante said...

Yeah, I was worried that BHO couldn't top HRC, but he did. Marginally. But he can bring it. But look out for the Pimps, punks and the prostitutes among the ranks of the punditry. They will do their damnest to bring him down because he's the only candidate in years who can speak around them and over them, directly to the people.