Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sorry This Stinks; It's Only Links

Some links to get your week started off right, since Mama Camp is still ongoing and writing will have to wait till evening:

First up, the brand new Ass Bra. Yep. Yet another thing women have to worry about hoisting for the pleasure of onlooking men: a saggy ass. While I maintain that mine is still elevated enough for my liking (if not anyone else's), I can assure you that I will never ever wear an ass bra. But you might like it (photo may or may not be safe for work):

Next up, can I just say "FINALLY!"? Hallmark is releasing same-sex marriage/commitment cards. Thank you! gay_wedding_cards
And, 3-2-1, of course the American Family Association has opened up a direct email line to send your outrage straight to Hallmark. I personally filled one out saying, "Thanks! You guys are great!" The AFA is funded pretty well; I think they can afford my email. (The only reason I'm not posting the link is that I don't want to pipeline anyone who supports their hate from my site).

And lastly for now, say goodbye to another airline "perk:" pre-boarding with your small children. The date show that they can save 12 minutes by not doing so, so therefore it's gone. To be honest, I was never a fan of it after a couple of instances of finding ourselves on an aircraft with a baby with nowhere to walk or move while the rest of the plane boarded. It just added time to the trip where I had to entertain a kid with no real entertainment options at my disposal. I wish they'd let us board LAST, once everyone else is on board, saving an overhead bin for the parents. That's about 15-20 minutes in my opinion of walking around the gate area, being active, and delaying the sit and don't move situation till the very end.

Check back tonight. Smooches gracias!

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Anonymous said...

omg, the ass bra! Too funny!