Monday, August 11, 2008

A Bunch of Tuesday For Ya

Being outclassed as I am in my knowledge of Baltic affairs, I cannot post a single word on the situation in Georgia. Thank god for Newshoggers who can keep you up to date rather nicely. Note some good stuff on Iran as well.

On the topic of John Edwards, here is an article in the Times of London about 5 prominent men who got away with affairs, and 5 who didn't: themoderatevoice

And then, here, from my man Josh Green, those internal memos from the Clinton campaign showing how it imploded. My favorite memos are from Mark Penn (he of the Rove School), wherein he says that Obama's: “boyhood in Indonesia and his life in Hawaii exposes a very strong weakness for him – his roots to basic American values and culture are at best limited. I cannot imagine America electing a President during a time of war who is not at the center fundamentally American in his thinking and values. Let’s explicitly own ‘American’ in our programs, the speeches, and the values. He doesn’t.”

Riiiight. Because Hawaii is not part of America, and people who live there are not "fundamentally American"... Did Mark Penn not notice the entire calendar year of 1959? Why is it that Hawaii is considered not "fundamentally American" and yet no one is saying calling out Alaskans? Both entered the Union in 1959, so it can't be seniority... Mark Penn is an a**hole, is all I'm saying.

Although, on the topic of bigotry, thank God we don't live in Spain where both Olympic basketball teams appear in a full page newspaper ad making "slanty-eyes." I'm not kidding. How does that happen and NO ONE thinks its racist?! Monumentally Unbelievable. I hope they lose in China, just for poetic justice. (or is that not in the Olympic spirit for me to say to a classy group of athletes like Spain's?)

And finally, back on the topic of John Edwards. Or, actually, on the topic of me being a clueless facebooker. If you're familiar with Facebook, members can write status updates, telling their friends what they are up to at a given time, or offering opinion on current events. Yesterday I wrote something to the effect of "Men who cheat--especially on their sick wives--are terrible" or something like that. I immediately got three emails from people on Facebook inquiring if all was okay at my house. I was stunned. I rushed to change my status message to, "I was referring to John Edwards."

I know I'm not a 13 year old girl hanging out on MySpace, but I kind of thought I'd figured out at least Facebook, it being for more of an older audience and less "LOL!LOL!OMG!" than the other sites. But, consider me shocked. I had no idea that, in the unlikely event of my husband cheating on me, that I would be expected to post it on my facebook status page! Am I that much of a relic that I wouldn't share details of infidelity online? I mean, I can be a "woman scorned" as much as the next lady; don't get me wrong. But in that event perhaps my status would read, "E: is currently awaiting trial for homicide." What it wouldn't read is: "E: is mad at her cheating husband, who is going straight to hell." I don't know. Maybe it's time for me to recognize my age and just get back to having a pen pal from the Gambia via snail mail. This article, however, gives me hope that at least I didn't do any of these:

Have a super Tuesday. I'm off to update my facebook status...

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