Saturday, August 02, 2008


Hard to believe it's already August.

We're off for a day trip to Portsmouth, NH to visit my aunt and to show Bambina around a little. Since I still can't get on airplanes her dream trip to Disneyworld is postponed. So, you know, there's always Portsmouth! And in a couple of weeks, a day or two on the Cape. And then when summer camp ends mid-month, there will be two weeks of Camp Mama before school starts. But that's about it for major summer events. Other than that, we're having what Big Stefan and his Sweet Lady B call a "stay-cation," which is fantastic because Bambina thinks it's a cool word and I can now feel less guilty for impeding her Disney princess dreams. Because we're not missing vacations this summer, sweet girl! No indeed! We're having a stay-cation!

The funny thing is, we actually are having major good times doing really pedestrian things. It's pretty cool what you can make fun if you decide it's going to be fun. Although, having a wide-eyed 4 year-old plays a huge role in that fun, to be honest. We have an early dinner and then go for a family walk around the neighborhood, culminating in a stop at our local park where Bambina has the equipment to herself because everyone else is at dinner. Here we are out "running" on our way to the park. I swear I could have cried at the moment that photo was being taken because it occurred to me that I was actually able to run with my daughter without a) feeling remotely out of breath and/or b) feeling like I was imminently going to collapse. We just ran and ran and I didn't get tired. I felt, a four year-old!

We also were "having fun!" putting old baby clothes and other clothes in storage. While dealing with the immense garment bag that is my old wedding dress, Bambina decided that she just HAD to wear it. So out it came, veil and all. And on it went. She was absolutely in princess heaven. And she looked damn cute as well. So the dress has gone back into storage just in case she ever wants to wear it when/if she gets married (I know, I know, the odds are so miniscule that she'll a) like it when she's whatever age, and b) it will not be a total fashion relic by that time; but you never know). The veil has gone into her dress-up chest for immediate girly fun.

So as I continue my Mother of the Year campaign, watch for next week's "fun" activities such as "let's mop the kitchen floor!" and "Mommy and Me: Re-upholster the furniture." And don't be surprised if I tell you that going for a plain old walk around the block is "a wild adventure whose ultimate destination we know not."

A staycation indeed.


Anonymous said...

Have you checked out Story Land in NH? As a friend said-it's like Disney's inbred cousin but it is indeed a lot of fun for anyone who hasn't made the pilgramage to Disney World. My kids LOVE going and from most of MA you could drive there in a day & back if staying at a motel isn't an option.

Anonymous said...

During the month of July Bambina's cousins stay-cation included:
Windex the mirrors races-who can do it faster-1st place went to HSPS, scrub the toilets-1st place went to HAWS and then we checked out the wildlife in our backyard. We saw a family of deer, racoons,beavers and a whole slew of dogs :)Oh and lets not forget the they want frogs for pets :)