Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where's My Effing Text Message?

Barry, my EX-boyfriend: you promised you'd tell me first. And you know how I hate to be the last to know. So thank you very little for letting the media know before texting me (like you promised) about Joe Biden.

Jus' playin'! All is forgiven. Joe. Biden. Okay. I am wrapping my mind around it. I always liked Richardson for the job but apparently he has "lady" issues. I also liked Clark, but maybe something else was going on there. I never wanted Kaine or Bayh, who both represented change and...yawn...I can't remember. Anyway, I'm just glad it wasn't actually the dude Chet from Texas like some people were saying it would be. So what to say about Joey Big Mouth Biden? He's from blue collar Catholic roots, he commutes to DC every day from Delaware (as in, he hasn't succumbed to an Inside The Beltway lifestyle), he's rock solid on foreign policy, and he's seen as a guy who will say what he thinks no matter what. I think he's going to be precisely what the ticket needs in a VP candidate--and in a VP. He's totally at ease knocking people's dicks in the dirt when necessary. Like when he said of Giuliani, that all he says is a subject, a verb and 9/11.

Let's hope he calls out John "Did I Mention I Hate to Discuss My Captivity?" McCain whose response to everything these days seems to be, "He was a POW!" Don't know how many houses you own? That's okay, because he spent 5 years "in the same house," a prison. Asked if you heard Obama's answers during Saddleback? That's rude to ask because this man was a POW. Like, at what point can we all agree that a man can serve his country honorably and beyond any expectation, but that he can still be called out on other stuff he does? It's ironic, because the charge against the Obama campaign is that "you can't say anything about him or you're a racist." It would appear that the McCain campaign has decided that anyone who questions John "Former POW" McCain is unpatriotic, ungrateful and out of order. Believe me, I would never trade places with him in a million years. But come on. Thousands of American soldiers have been POWs. Are they automatically assumed to be honorable, honest and above reproach simply by virtue of that experience? Just as it's fair to ask questions of Obama, it's fair to ask questions of McCain. Like, how come you don't know how many homes you own? Why did you vote to approve the same kind of torture that was done to you? Why are you airing commercials about your opponent containing assertions you know to be false? It's unpatriotic NOT to ask.

But back to Biden. I think he has the potential to be a walking gaffe machine. But at the same time, I think things are going to get real interesting from here on out as a result of that forthrightness/verbal diarrhea. Especially if McCain picks Romney or Giuliani. Dear god, let it be Romney or Giuliani. That is a debate I'd miss my kid's birthday to see.

Anyway, it's easy to overstate the importance of a VP pick, to use it as a rohrschach test in which all your previously held notions are proven true. But I think it's safe to say that Biden is an asset in attracting those voters who may have been concerned about the issue of experience. Some pundits are saying that Biden highlights Obama's lack of experience, but I disagree. I think his choice reflects solid decision-making and good judgment from a man who represents change but who understands that you have to bring people along with you in a way that is comfortable for them.

(And just to be snarky, if I were running the O'Biden campaign, I'd recommend that, with his son being shipped to Iraq next month, Joe Biden start dodging questions with, "How dare you ask that! My son is a soldier!")

PS--And for those who are "outraged!" that Hillary was not even vetted for the position, here's the explanation for that from our friends at Jack and Jill Politics:

A) While you listen to Clintonistas whine, just hold hard to these truths, and spread them when you can.

Hillpatine was NOT vetted, because she wouldn’t answer the following questions:
1. What’s in her earmarks since the got to the Senate
2. What’s in the 18 million missing from the tax returns
3. What’s in Bill’s Donor List to the Clinton Library
4. What’s in Bill’s Donor List to the Clinton Foundation

So, if you come upon Clintonistas, smack them with the truth.

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